Sunday Sermon Quotes: "But Now I See"

“What Bartimaeus lacks in eyesight he makes up for in insight.” James Edwards

“But who is this me? It is even I, Martin Luther, a wretched and a condemned sinner. This word me is full of saving faith. He who will utter aright this little word me shall be a good advocate and disputer against all accusations of the law and his own conscience. For Christ delivered up for me neither sheep, nor ox, nor gold, nor silver, but himself, and that entirely and wholly for me. Yes, even for me, who am such a wretched and miserable sinner. Say me then with all your might and print this pronoun me indelibly in your heart.” Martin Luther

“How tired the disciples steps must have looked by contrast.” Donald English

“Prayer is putting our needs into words. The Lord loves to hear from us what he already knows about us-just as Jesus asked the blind man, ‘What do you want me to do for you,’ as if the matter were in doubt and he was uncertain about it!” Alec Motyer

“Moaning to ourselves about the toughness of our situation is always the easy course-and never does any good. In fact by keeping the problem alive in our minds it may make it loom even larger. When we pray, every next thing that happens is the start of the Lord’s reply.” Alec Motyer