Sunday Sermon Quotes: "A Stunning Prediction"

“Despite the great importance of his teaching, his example and his works of compassion and power, none of these was central to his mission. What dominated his mind was not the living but giving of his life. The final self-sacrifice was his ‘hour’, for which he had come into the world.” John Stott

“By repeatedly foreshadowing his death, this section (8:31-10:52) propels Jesus towards the cross. In the process, it also explains why he must die.” -Peter Bolt

“A rich range of texts informed Jesus understanding of his messianic vocation, but the suffering and atoning work of the Servant appears to have provided the matrix for his reflection upon his mission.” -William Lane

“By denial of self, Jesus does not mean to deny oneself something. He means to renounce self-to cease to make self the object of one’s life and actions. That involves a fundamental reorientations of the principle of life. God, not self, must be at the center of life.” -Walter Wessel

“The concept should never be cheapened by applying it to enduring some irritation or even a major burden. It is closely related to self-denial, involving a willingness to give up everything dear in life and even life itself for the sake of Jesus.” -James Brooks

“The situation would surely have been hopeless had the very majesty of God not descended to us, since it was not in our power to ascend to him.’ -John Calvin