Sunday Sermon Quotes [The Boys in the Boat]

"One remarkable miracle is followed by an even more outstanding one." Donald English

"Jesus walking on water to his disciples is a revelation of the glory that he shares with the Father and the compassion that he extends to his followers. It is a divine epiphany in answer to their earlier bafflement when he calmed the storm, 'Who is this?' Jesus is not pulling off a staggering visual stunt to amaze his friends. Rather, the miracle attests that God himself has visited us in the flesh." David Garland

"There are thoughts here of comfort for all true believers. Wherever they may be, or whatsoever their circumstances, the Lord Jesus see them…the same eye which saw the disciples tossed on the lake is ever looking at us. We are never beyond the reach of his care. Our way is never hid from him. He may not come to our aid at the time we like best, but he will never allow us to utterly fail. He that walked upon the water never changes. He will always come at the right time to uphold his people. Though he tarry, let us wait patiently. Jesus sees us, and will not forsake us." J.C. Ryle

"Oh for the grace to feel that if we do not know when God will deliver us, then it is none of our business. If God knows, that is enough. We are to follow Him, not lead. We are to obey Him, not prescribe. Your deliverance is near. But if it tarried it will be a richer blessing." Charles Spurgeon