Sunday Sermon Quotes [Saved by Grace]

“True saints do not get discouraged over their faults, for they recognize that a person who feels no guilt can never find healing. Paradoxically, neither can a person who wallows in guilt. The sense of guilt only serves its designed purpose if it presses us toward the God who promises forgiveness and restoration. I once thought Christians went through life burdened by guilt, in contrast to carefree unbelievers. I now realize that Christians are the only persons who do not have to go through life feeling guilty. Guilt is only a symptom; we listen to it because it drives us to the cure.” -Philip Yancey

"God saves hopeless sinners to display His sovereign grace."

"Each of us was a hopeless case of trespasses and sins, but God saved us out of His great love and mercy, in order that we might display His sovereign grace.”

“God makes us alive in Christ so that we might display the riches of his grace and love, rather than boasting in the merits of our good works!"

"Only by remembering our formerly hopeless condition can we appreciate God’s merciful intervention on our behalf."

"If you are a believer, your true identity is no longer 'dead in trespasses and sins,' but 'alive in Christ.’"

“God has transferred us from the course of this world to the course of obedient good works, from the kingdom of darkness to the kingdom of light.”

"The ultimate reason for God’s saving activity is His mercy and love, and the ultimate purpose of God’s saving activity is that we might display the immeasurable riches of his grace."

“If our salvation were a result of works, we would have the right to boast, but since it is the free gift of God, we may not boast.”

"Our conscience stokes our guilt in order to repel us from sin and press us toward God who is gracious to forgive.”

"Don't look inward at your subjective accomplishment. Look upward at Christ's objective accomplishment on your behalf.”

“Stop robbing God of His glory by relying on the merits of your own good works. Instead, throw yourself into his gracious arms.”