Sunday Sermon Quotes [Feeding the Five Thousand]

"Mark highlights the uniqueness of Jesus, and in doing so highlights the uniqueness of discipleship to this unique Master. So an important issue for understanding discipleship in Mark's Gospel is to recognize that the center stage always belongs to Jesus. Although other characters and the scenes in which they appear serve an invaluable role by highlighting various facets of the his person and ministry, first and foremost Mark tells as story about Jesus. Jesus is the one about whom this entire gospel is written, and discipleship to him must understood in light of his unique Person and Mission." Michael Wilkins

"These words are full of tender consideration." J.C. Ryle

"Having discharged a temporary commission they went back to school to make greater advances in learning." John Calvin

"Gave them to the disciples-the imperfect tense denotes the continued action of giving the broke pieces to the disciples. While none of the Gospels explicitly assert where the multiplication of the bread took place, the tense seems to indicate that the bread multiplied in the hands of Jesus. He continued to give out the broken pieces: yet always there was more to give out." D. Edmond Hiebert

"If the only thing you have to offer is a broken heart, you offer a broken heart. So in a time of grief, the recognition that this is material for sacrifice has been a very great strength for me. Realizing that nothing I have, nothing I am will be refused on the part of Christ I simply give it to Him as the little boy gave Jesus his five loaves and two fish-with the same feeling of the disciples when they said, 'What is the good of that for such a crowd?' Naturally in almost anything I offer to Christ, my reaction would be, 'What is the good of that?' The point is, the use He makes of it is His blessing." Elizabeth Elliot