Sunday Sermon Quotes [Evangelism and a Sovereign God]

Sunday we took a break between sermon series to explore the important topic of evangelism. Here are several quotes from Jeff Purswell's sermon, "Evangelism and a Sovereign God" that we pray stir your soul for the privilege of evangelism.


We are to live the whole of the Christian life in light of God’s Word—informed, governed, and motivated by Scripture, and especially by the gospel. Nowhere is that more important than in evangelism—and nowhere are we more vulnerable to disconnecting our living from our theology.

Election is that loving, merciful decision by God—before creation itself—to grant salvation to certain undeserving sinners who otherwise would spurn Him.

The entire biblical framework points to the reality that salvation must be wholly a work of a God who is both sovereign and merciful.

Lest we think of election as a cold, sterile, theological abstraction—note how Paul addresses the Thessalonians: “ brothers beloved by the Lord.” That’s the root of election: the love of God.

The doctrine of election is meant to function in a particular way. It’s not given for speculation or argument, but for praise.

God’s merciful choice of hell-bound sinners brings God glory, because all credit, all recognition, all praise for saving rebels goes to him.

Although God changes our hearts, we still must believe. We are saved apart from our own power, but we’re not saved apart from our participation.

God’s effectual call of sinners it no mere invitation—it is a divine summons that draws us inexorably to himself.

The message that both demands and elicits our response is the gospel.

God ordains not only the goal of salvation, but the means to that goal—the proclamation of the gospel. It is our privilege to give ourselves to that means, that God might bring about the goal.

One prerequisite of a God worth worshipping is that I, as a creature, can’t fully understand Him! Far from undermining our actions or responsibility in evangelism, divine sovereignty inspires them. Far from discouraging our evangelism, God’s sovereignty makes it possible.

Whatever your challenges in evangelism—fear, or apathy, or selfishness—understanding God’s sovereignty in salvation can transform it into bold, passionate, patient, God-glorifying action.

Evangelism is no mere religious duty or our pet project. It is part of a cosmic restoration project undertaken by the Sovereign One. God is the great evangelist—and we have the privilege to participate as His envoys of earth-shattering, world-invading, heart-melting, life-changing good news.