Sunday Sermon Quotes [Deflating the Puffed Up Church]

"This is an invitation to experience one of those rare, unguarded moments of total honesty, where in the presence of the eternal God one recognizes that everything-absolutely everything-that one 'has' is a gift. All is of grace; Nothing is deserved, nothing earned." Gordon Fee

"O believer, learn to reject pride, seeing that you have no ground for it. Whatever you are, you have nothing to make you proud. The more you have the more you are in debt to God; and you should not be proud of that which renders you a debtor. Consider your origin; look back to what you were. Consider what you will have been but for divine grace. Look upon yourself as you are now. Doesn't your conscience reproach you? Don't your thousand wanderings stand before you, and tell you that you are unworthy to be called his son or daughter? And if He has made you anything, aren't you taught thereby that it is grace which has made you to differ? Great believer, you would have been a great sinner if God had not made you to differ. O you who are valiant for truth, you would have been as valiant for error if grace not laid hold upon you. Therefore, don't be proud, though you have a large estate-a wide domain of grace, once you did not have a single thing to call your own except your sin and misery. Oh! Strange infatuation, that you, who have borrowed everything, should think of exalting yourself." Charles Spurgeon

"One cannot boast about being a worthy recipient of grace." David Garland