Sunday Sermon Quotes [A Worker Approved]

“Remind them of what it’s like to pass on the gospel. It’s hard work. It’s the stuff of good soldiers, the stuff of military men, the stuff of very disciplined athletes.”

“We entrust the gospel. We pass it on. It’s the secret to keeping the church strong over time.”

“Long after the current leaders are gone, if the gospel is passed on well, the church will be strong.”

“Here’s how the gospel is lost. A generation that has the gospel becomes a generation that assumes the gospel. A generation that assumes the gospel becomes a generation that twists the gospel. They corrupt the gospel. A generation that corrupts and twists the gospel becomes a generation that forgets the gospel and then the gospel’s gone.”

“The generation that is most responsible for the loss of the gospel is the generation that assumes the gospel.”

“You have to push into things that require discipline, effort. It’s the training of soldiers. It’s the athlete’s hard disciplined life. It’s the famer’s work. It’s that long obedience in the same direction… if you’re working with the word you have to do that. Push on! Ministry is that kind of commitment.”

“I think we would be, all of us, better teachers and gospel ministers and hearers of the Word if we really took hold of what was at stake in the Word.”

“Oh praise God that His foundation stands firm and that God knows who are His!”

-Mack Stiles