Sunday Sermon Quotes [A Gracious Warning]

On Sunday, CJ utilized several outstanding quotes to clarify our understanding and application of the text. How kind of the Lord that we have a wealth of scholars and teachers to aid us in our study of God's Word! Here they are:


"Never forget the stunning fact that the Bible is the word of God. Peter says the writers were inspired (2 Pet. 1:21), and Paul says the very writings themselves are inspired (2 Tim 3:16). Never, never, never stop being amazed that the Bible is the communication of the Creator of the universe. It tells us things we cannot know any other way. And best of all, it is through the word that God himself comes to us and shows himself to us." John Piper

"The performance of miracles in the absence of faith could have resulted only in the aggravation of human guilt and the hardening of men's hearts toward God. Unbelief excluded the people of Nazareth from the dynamic disclosure of God's grace others had experienced." William Lane

"The entire Gospel moves the reader towards a position of faith in the crucified king." Peter Bolt

"Never had any place on earth such privileges as Nazareth. For thirty years the Son of God resided in this town, and went to and fro in its streets. For thirty years he walked with God before the eyes of its inhabitants, living a blameless, perfect life. But it was all lost on them. They would not believe the one whose face they knew so well." J.C. Ryle

'If the traveler through the Bible landscape finds himself out of the sight of Calvary that shows he has lost his way." J.I. Packer

"He entered our life with all of its quarrels and discord, its arrogance and deceit, all of it's godlessness, its self serving spiritualities and misleading religions. He was met, not with the worship which was his due but by great hostility against himself. But such is this love, this self giving, self sacrificing, self abasing love that he freely and joyfully gave of himself to do what had to be done knowing all that was entailed. He willingly chose not to enjoy the worship of the angels in a place of utter holiness for an uninterrupted eternity for the gain that redemption would bring." David Wells