Sunday Sermon Quotes [A Defining Moment]

"The listing of both groups gathering together against Jesus is especially sinister." Robert Stein

"It was not a searching question addressed to the conscience of His opponents but a shattering verdict on their practice." D. Edmond Hiebert

"In the hypothetical situation proposed by Jesus, if the son declared his property Corban to his parents, he neither promised it to the Temple nor prohibited its use to himself, but he legally excluded his parents from the right of benefit. Should the son regret his action and seek to the alleviate the harsh vow which would deprive his parents of all the help they might normally expect from him, he would be told by the scribes that his vow was valid and must be honored." William Lane

"Thus Mark's readers, who were well aware of Jesus death at the hands of the Jerusalem leadership, are again reminded that their Lord's death was not for crimes he had done." Robert Stein