Sermon Quotes: "A Strange and Eventful Journey"

“From beginning to end, the entire exodus was the result of God’s sovereign decree. The deliverance of Israel from Egypt is entirely God’s doing and under his complete control. The impending Exodus is a play in which God is the author, producer, director, and principal actor. Even when Pharaoh took his turn on the stage, God received all the applause. Like everything else that God has ever done, the exodus was all for his glory.” Phil Ryken

“As Moses, now plainly better, opened his eyes and looked at his wife, she greeted him with a loving cry as though to say, ‘Moses, you’re back with me. You’re my bridegroom and husband all over again. Instead of taking you from me, God has given you back to me because of the blood of circumcision. My bridegroom of blood! This gives us a very lovely insight into Zipporah and her love for Moses, that she should greet him when he came back, as it were, from the dead, with such a glad cry, ‘It’s just as if we have got married all over again and you are my bridegroom once more.’ A marriage threatened with death was renewed, and Zipporah’s understanding and resolute action had brought Moses back into the way of obedience.” Alec Motyer

“The Lord treats obedience with a seriousness that is in marked contrast to our casual and self-excusing ways.” Alec Motyer