Sermon Overview & Discussion Questions: "The Mystery Revealed"

Divinely made known to him, Paul reveals the mystery of the gospel to the church in Ephesus. This mystery is that both Jews and Gentiles are fellow heirs and members of the same body in Christ. Paul also preached the riches of Christ, namely Jesus’ upholding and sustaining work in our daily lives. The gathered church is also a means to an end: we testify God’s manifold wisdom.

Discussion Questions:

  1. Read verses 6-10. What does verse 9 reveal about God’s plan for fellow heirs in Christ?
  2. Josh reminded us the unsearchable riches of Christ are all the ways that he cares for us, whether we’re aware of it or not. What riches of Christ have you seen in your life and in the church this week?
  3. Considering the endurance and perseverance of the church, Paul encourages his readers to not lose heart (v. 13). What is currently tempting you to lose heart? How does this passage address those fears?
  4. God is under no obligation to save anyone, yet Gentiles are fellow heirs and members of the same body. How does this sweeten your view of your own salvation story? How does this affect your heart towards unbelievers in your life?