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Sermon Summary | "Persevering in the Pandemic"

In his sermon on James 1:2-4, CJ highlighted the reality of trials, their divinely designed purpose, and our God-glorifying response. Trials are an inevitable part of life, but rightly understood, they are meant to test our faith and to produce steadfastness. God is present in our trials, and He is “getting work done.” CJ encouraged us to let our trials have their full effect (perseverance and maturity), because God gives grace for today. Accordingly, the Christian should respond to every situation with joy because of God’s mercy and our eternal reward, the crown of life (1:12).

 Discussion Questions:

  1. In what ways does James 1:2-4 reshape your view of the current trials in your life?
  2. CJ stated that trials are inevitable and that God has a good purpose for our trials. What examples can you think of in the Bible and in your own life where God used trials for someone’s good?
  3. Trials do not effortlessly produce steadfastness but require an appropriate response. With your trial in mind, how does James encourage us toward a “God-glorifying response”?
  4. For steadfastness to have its full effect, we must persevere. How can you remain resolute in your convictions during trials? Where can you care for and help others going through difficult times?
  5. The Christian is promised blessing and the crown of life once he or she has stood the test (1:12). Christ’s death and resurrection makes this coming reality possible. How does this future hope effect your attitudes and actions in your current trials?