Sermon Summary and Discussion Questions | "Redefining Greatness"


1. Second passion prediction (9:30-32)

2. Second discipleship teaching (9:33-37)



Second Passion Prediction (9:30-32)

Jesus’s time in Galilee, the center of His ministry, has now ended. Jesus is now on his way to Jerusalem, and the hour of Calvary beckons. The meaning of the Messiah's ministry culminates in his death. The cross is no accident, but the primary goal. This is again stated in striking contrast to the apostles' expectation of messianic glory. The Son of man will suffer and rise again.

Second Discipleship Teaching (9:33-37)

Jesus then gives a jarring statement by redefining the model of "greatness." Upon arriving in Capernaum Jesus graciously addressed the disciples' quarreling about who was the greatest. In the economy of God's kingdom, recognition and rank is redefined; the person with the first rank and highest recognition must be last and servant of all. This is illustrated to his disciples by a child. In the ancient world children were viewed as insignificant, recognized by their lowliness and neediness. Greatness in the eyes of God, therefore, is not superiority, but humble servanthood (cf. Mk 10:45).



At the end of his sermon, CJ gave us the exhortation to think about how we could apply this message of "true greatness" through servanthood to our own lives. Spend some time meditating on Jesus' redefinition of what it means to pursue "greatness." Specifically, how can you apply this to your life? In the home? In your marriage? Your job? In your service to the church?


[by Andrew Preston]