Sermon Summary and Discussion Questions | "Living Today In Light of That Day"


Intro: Jeff explains how Jesus’ foretelling of the destruction of the Temple represents the passing of the Old Covenant and the coming of the New. Although He is aware of His impending crucifixion, He is not preoccupied, but instead focuses on pastoring His disciples. This passage is meant to identify the conditions required of Jesus’ disciples to live faithfully until His return.

1. Disiples must be Discerning (Mark 13:3-8)

  • Jesus warns His disciples to be careful, ensuring their hearts are not susceptible to false teachers and cultural trends (2 Timothy 4:3-4)
  • Jeff highlights the on-going battle for our hearts and minds, reinforcing that the enemy plays for keeps.
  • The individual and the church must be aware of deception and constantly be on guard.
  • Jeff exhorts the Church to never be discouraged by tragedy (i.e. persecution of Christians), instead staying on focus (Christ’s victory) and the task at hand (serving Him).

2. Disciples must be Courageous (Mark 13:9-13)

  • This age is marked by opposition to the Gospel and everything Christ stands for (John 3:19).
  • The Christian should expect persecution, objection, and betrayal. Deliverance is not promised, but Christ is.
  • Something glorious awaits those who obey Christ’s command to endure (Mark 13:13).

3. Disciples must be Hopeful (Mark 3:24-27)

  • Jeff explains the significance of “The Day of the Lord”. It is the final act of God in which His judgment will be laid out on the earth. Jesus announces here that the day He returns will be that day (Daniel 7:13).
  • Verse 27 is filled with great hope! Christ will return as the Great Shepherd to gather His sheep.

4. Disciples must be Vigilant (Mark 3:28-37)

  • “Stay/Keep awake” is repeated 3 times in the passage emphasizing how essential this disciple trait is.
  • We are to live with purpose, keeping focused on our life calling in Christ and remembering the glory that awaits.

Conclusion: Jeff explains that this chapter is the bridge from the ministry of Jesus to the death of Jesus and reminds us that we are able to face opposition because we know Christ is for and with us.

Discussion Questions

1) Which of these traits do you find yourself requiring the most grace to live out? Which have you been given much grace to display?

2) With the present conformity of the Church to cultural norms and expectations, how does this chapter exhort and encourage you?

3) Do you have ways in which you “stay/keep awake” or know of an individual who models this well that you could share with your brothers and sisters for practical application?

[by Tristan Murray]