Sermon Summary and Discussion Questions | "God Is Able To Keep You


After reading this Doxology, H.B. emphasized the Father’s ability to keep you when you cannot keep yourself. He proceeded to summarize the rest of Jude’s letter beginning with a call to arms by taking a stand for the Gospel of Truth, warning the Church of false teachers, and concluding with an appeal to the Saints to persevere.

Our attention was then turned to the Doxology. H.B. explained how verse 24 should cause you to trust God who is able to keep you. Jude instructs the Saints to persevere by keeping themselves in the love of God. However, the Doxology reveals that this cannot be accomplished by the will of man. Only God can keep you when you cannot keep yourself. Not only does He keep you from falling, but He also keeps you from getting tripped up (Psalm 121:3). 1 John 2:19 provides present day reasoning for why many are stumbling and leaving the Church. John explains that they were never truly believers. True believers in Jesus Christ will persevere until the end, but only by God’s power.

There are 2 miracles every Christian has witnessed:

  1. It is a miracle you are saved
  2. It is a miracle you are still saved (the same sovereign grace that saved us, keeps us!)

H.B. turned our attention to verse 25, highlighting that it should cause you to praise God for His ability to keep you. Psalm 1:5 strikes us with the reality of the throne room, unable to stand on our own sinful state before a Holy God. However, this Doxology reassures us God will present us blameless and with great joy! This is only made possible by the One who was crushed for our inequity, Jesus Christ (Isaiah 53:5 and 1 Peter 1:18-19). For this reason, God is worthy of exclusive (Deuteronomy 6:4 and 1 Timothy 2:5-6), unending, and highest praise! We can only provide this through believing and following His Son (Matthew 3:17 and Hebrews 1:9), which H.B. emphasizes is the reason it is so important to have right standing with your Savior.


Discussion Questions

  1. Share a time (past or present) that you relied on God to keep you. How were you reassured that God’s presence had never left you?
  2. In what ways does the Church need to heed Jude’s instruction and call on God’s power to help us persevere?
  3. What emotions overcome you when thinking forward to being in God’s throne room knowing the promises of verse 25 (God will present you blameless and with great joy)?

[by Tristan Murray]