Sermon Summary: "The Boys in the Boat"

Overview of Sermon:

This passage begins by showing Jesus’ kindness and intention to never mislead the twelve regarding his true messianic mission, and so hurried them into the boat. While Jesus stayed behind to dismiss the crowd and spend time in prayer, the disciples hit a great headwind while rowing to the other side of the Sea of Galilee. As the gale began to cause the disciples to strain painfully, they saw Jesus walking on the sea by the boat. Jesus meant to pass by the disciples, revealing his true identity as the Son of God and God in flesh. However, moved by compassion for the boys in the boat, Jesus calmed their fears as he joined them in the boat. 

Discussion Questions:

  1. C.J. calls this passage the training ground for his departure. As we see the setting (v. 45-56), the crisis (v. 47-50), and Jesus’ compassion (v. 51-52), what do we learn about Jesus? In what ways did he care for the disciples?
  2. Verse 48 of this passage subtly reveals Jesus’ true identity as the Son of God and God in flesh. When seeing Jesus as he truly is, how does that change the way we look at the storms of life?
  3. This passage focuses on the disciples struggling against a strong headwind. The disciples toil with all their might to keep the boat on course. In what ways are you feeling a strong headwind? How does the fact that Jesus weathered the storm atop Calvary change the way you see these headwinds?
  4. This passage has the image of people working together, such as rowing in the midst of a storm. As a church and community group in these uncertain times, how can we “row” together as we look to Jesus? Where do you need help “rowing” or looking to Jesus?
  5. Jesus calms the disciples’ worrisome hearts and storm when he joins them on the boat. In other passages of Scripture, Jesus says he will not leave nor forsake us. Who do you know that may be unfamiliar with Jesus’ care and intimate dwelling during storms? How might you use this passage to give them hope and plant seeds of faith?