Sermon Summary | "The Boys in the Boat"


1. The Setting

2. The Crisis

3. The Compassion

4. Further thoughts


The Setting—Mark 6:45-46

Because of the revolutionary atmosphere after the miraculous feast, Jesus immediately moves his disciples toward a boat and disperses the crowd. He acts quickly to separate the disciples from the scene lest they get caught up in the fervor.

The Crisis—Mark 6:47-50

As the disciples row toward the shore, a strong wind impedes their progress. The struggle continues for many hours and not until the fourth watch of the night does Jesus come to them. Once again, Jesus is center stage. In the Old Testament, God revealed Himself only partially (Exodus 33:18-22). However in this instance, the glory of God is revealed to them in the Person of Jesus Christ. By walking on the water, Jesus is doing something only God can do. He is displaying the glory of the transcendent Lord and the disciples are utterly terrified.

The Compassion—Mark 6:50-52

One thing we cannot miss in this encounter is Jesus’ compassion for the disciples. They were never out of His sight (v. 48) even though they could not see Him. Jesus came to them in their distress and immediately comforted them saying, “Take heart; it is I. Do not be afraid.” Behold the Son of God and behold His compassion!

Further Thoughts

1. There are thoughts of comfort here for every believer.

• Jesus has sent me on this journey

• Jesus sees me in the storm

• Jesus will come to my aid


2. His timing is not our timing

• Often He does not come until the fourth watch

• He made the disciples feel the extremity of their need


3. Behold the God of patience

• The disciples do not understand (v. 52)