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Sermon Summary | "Easter in a Pandemic"

John 11:1-44 displays God’s provision and solution for death in the person of Jesus Christ who is the resurrection and the life. Like Lazarus, Christians have the joy and privilege of identifying as those who are loved by Jesus. In the midst of suffering and delay, God always has a divine purpose as he works all things for our good and for the glory of the Son. Jesus’ love for us is personal as demonstrated when he serves Martha with a revelation of himself, and he serves Mary with his tears before raising Lazarus from the dead. Lazarus then shuffles out in confirmation of Jesus’ triumph over death, but at his own resurrection, Jesus would walk out in resurrection glory.


Discussion Questions:

  1. How does CJ’s sermon inform your view of Jesus’ power and presence in the midst of our current circumstances?
  2. The most important identity of a Christian is as one loved by Jesus. Is that how you primarily view yourself? How does this view affect our thoughts, feelings, and desires?
  3. In verse 15, Jesus is glad that he delayed. Why? How should this encourage us as we learn the “hard discipline of delay”?
  4. Since Jesus is the main character of this passage and of our lives, how and why is God exercising divine delay for your good and for his glory in your own life? What unique opportunities does the pandemic present for glorifying the Son to those around us?
  5. Jesus tailored his loving care for Martha and Mary in order to serve each of them best (self-revelation and tears). What examples of Jesus’ intimate care can you see in your own life?
  6. Through his death and resurrection, Jesus wept with us and died for us so that, one day, we would weep no more. How does our hope and unity in Christ overcome our present trials, fears, and isolation? Who can you encourage with this great truth?