Sermon Summary | "A Worker Approved"


1. The Approved Worker

2. The Truth Swerver

3. A Firm Foundation




The Approved Worker—2 Timothy 2:14-15

The approved worker is faithful to the scriptures and he entrusts the gospel to others. This is not an easy task. It takes hard work and discipline, but without this effort, the gospel message can be lost. The generation that assumes the gospel becomes a generation that twists the gospel. The generation that twists the gospel becomes a generation that forgets the gospel and then the gospel is gone. Three main qualities characterize the approved worker:

1. The approved worker does his best. This is not to be confused with salvation by works! Christians are saved by grace alone and should depend only on the sacrificial death of Jesus Christ for their salvation. However, they are also called to do their best! This has nothing to do with salvation, but it gives God glory.

2. The approved worker presents himself to God. Everything that the approved worker does is for God alone. He presents his work, his ministry, his service and his very life to God.

3. The approved worker is unashamed. Because the approved worker “rightly [handles] the word of truth” (v. 15), he has no need to be ashamed.

This type of worker sees the fruit of his labor in the growth and holiness of those he influences.


The Truth Swerver—2 Timothy 2:16-18

A quarrelsome and argumentative spirit characterizes the truth swerver. They babble, are irreverent, and teach error. Thus, the fruit of their labor is ungodliness and ruined lives. The only defense against the truth swerver is a firm understanding of the gospel. The gospel must be known, spoken and proclaimed again and again.



A Firm foundation—2 Timothy 2:19

Even amidst all of the destruction caused by truth swervers, God’s foundation remains firm and He knows who are His. The approved worker can stand on this truth. The foundation is firm because God knows what is going to happen and He is going to care for His church and His people! Regardless of what is happening around us, God is at work, God is powerful, and God’s foundation is firm.