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Sermon Summary: "The Masterclass on Prayer"

Sermon Summary:

Jesus, the Master of masters teaches us how to pray. In this sermon, C.J. shows us that the structure and substance of the Lord’s Prayer influences and showcases our priorities in prayer. The first three petitions are God-centered and stand as a reminder that His glory takes precedence before our needs. The last three petitions remind us that God is not indifferent to our personal needs, particularly forgiveness. The effect of the immense forgiveness that God has shown us should be the same forgiveness we show others.

 CJ's Recommended Resources:

  • Charity and Its Fruits; Living in Light of God’s Love by Jonathan Edwards; Edited by Kyle Strobel

    CJ recommends this book to all in relation to the message on Sunday and this version in particular for Mr. Strobel modernizing Edwards language without in any way altering its content or force. So if someone is struggling with bitterness or forgiving someone, he recommends this book and sermon 4 in particular titled Long-Suffering and Kindness. We'll be giving out copies of this chapter on Sunday. Come get your copy at the welcome table!

Here's a quote from page 102:
“They who love God as they ought will have such a sense of God’s wonderful long-suffering towards them under so many injuries as they have offered him that it will look to them but a small thing for them to bear with the injuries that have been offered them by their neighbor. Those injuries which they have received will appear less so in comparison with what they have offered; yea, than a hundred pence to ten thousand talents. And as they thankfully accept of and admire God’s long-suffering toward themselves, they cannot but testify approbation of it by doing likewise, as far as they are able. For if they should refuse to exercise long-suffering towards their neighbor who injures them, that would be a practical disapproving God’s long-suffering towards them; for that which we approve of, and delight in, we shall not practically reject. And then gratitude for God’s long-suffering will also dispose to obedience to God in this particular, when he commands us to forbear one another.”