Sermon Summary: "Rules, Rules, & More Rules"

In this past Sunday’s sermon on Exodus 21:1-23:19, C.J noted the confusion we can experience when we read about slavery in the OT. Numerous resources exist to help us understand this topic, both in its original setting as well as how it functions in the storyline of Scripture. If you’re interested in exploring this further, here are some resources we would recommend:

  • Is God a Moral Monster? Making Sense of the Old Testament God, by Paul Copan. This outstanding book covers a whole range of Old Testament topics that can be confusing, or even unsettling, to readers. Along with topics such as food laws, polygamy, and the destruction of the Canaanites, the book contains three chapters on slavery—including an explanation of the profound difference between slavery in Israel and that found in ante-bellum America. Clear, accessible, and highly recommended.
  • For a more concise treatment, but one specifically aimed at the questioning skeptic, Confronting Christianity, by Rebecca McLaughlin has an excellent, sensitive, and compelling chapter on slavery (we highly recommend this new book as a resource to give to non-Christian family and friends).
  • On a slightly different note, one of our favorite books of any kind is Slave of Christ, by Murray J. Harris. The book provides a treatment of slavery in the first century AD (Jewish, Greek, and Roman) as well as the NT’s attitude toward the institution. With this as background, Harris goes on to explore slavery as a NT metaphor for devotion to Christ. Insightful and inspiring.