Sermon Quotes: "When Life Doesn't Make Sense"

“Sharing in suffering probably unites our hearts together in Christ more than any other aspect of fellowship.” Jerry Bridges

“It will take faith to wait patiently for God’s plan to unfold, but the righteous believe that God will accomplish it. The phrase ‘but the righteous shall live by his faith’ is quoted in the NT to emphasize that people are saved by grace through faith (Romans 1:17; Gal. 3:11; Eph 2:8) and that Christians should live by faith. The kind of faith that Habakkuk describes, and that the NT authors promote, is continuing trust in God and clinging to God’s promises, even in the darkest days.” ESV Study Bible

“The glory of God is more important than your or my comfort.” Christopher Ash

“How far less are the greatest afflictions that we meet with in this world than we have deserved. The greatest outward troubles and calamities that we meet with must needs appear very little things to the misery which we have deserved. A man may meet with very great losses…his cattle may die, his corn may be blasted, his barn may be burnt down and all the goods consumed, and he may be brought from a comfortable living to a poor, low, stricken state. This is very hard to bear, but alas, how little reason have such to complain if they do but consider how little this is, compared with that eternal destruction that we have been informed of.” Jonathan Edwards

“When we suffer there will sometimes be mystery. Will there also be faith? Yes, if our attention is focused more on the cross, and on the God of the cross, than on the suffering itself.” D.A. Carson

“Anticipating great destruction at the hands of the Babylonians, Habakkuk has radically changed-he began by informing God how to run the world, and ended by trusting God knows best and will bring about justice. Habakkuk has learned that he can trust God, and with that trust comes great joy, not in circumstances by in God himself.” ESV Study Bible