Sermon Quotes: "A Safe Journey"

“It is to be feared, that the Psalms are by no means prized as in earlier ages of the church.” Charles Spurgeon

“In the Psalms you meet God where you are.” David Powlison

“None of this Psalm addresses God; all of it brings good news about God to the human listener.” John Goldingay

“Protection by God, under the watchful eye of God, is the dominant idea of the Psalm.” James Boice

“As we say of the mother and the child, both hold, but the safety of the child is that the mother holds him.” Richard Sibbes

“The consoling truth must be repeated; it is too rich to be dismissed in a single line.” Charles Spurgeon

“God is at work in the worst of times. He is at work doing a thousand things no one can see but him.” John Piper

“The potent promise, ‘I will be with you,’ avails not only for the heroes of the faith such as Moses or Joshua, but passes in turn to the ordinary believers.” Leslie Allen

“In light of other Scriptures, to be kept from all evil does not imply a cushioned life, but a well armed one. Psalm 23 expects the dark valley but can face it.” Derek Kidner

“The point of Psalm 121 is not that we will not have problems, but that God will keep us safe as we go through them.” James Boice

“The psalm ends with a pledge that could hardly be stronger or more sweeping. Your going out and your coming in is not only a way of saying ‘everything’: in closer detail it draws attention to one’s ventures and enterprises and to the home which remains one’s base; again. to pilgrimage and return…But the last line takes good care of the journey; and it would be hard to decide which half is more encouraging: the fact that it starts ‘from now’, or that it runs on, not to the end of time but without end; like God himself who is my portion forever.’” Derek Kidner