Sermon Quotes | "Zechariah's Song"

“Oh, we are so often cold and indifferent to this great joy that has been given us. For this is indeed the greatest gift, which far exceeds all else that God has created. Yet we believe so sluggishly, even though the angels proclaim and preach and sing, and their lovely song sums up the whole Christian faith, for ‘Glory to God in the highest’ is the very heart of worship.” Martin Luther

“In contrast to the prose dialogue, which is spoken between characters and passively observed by the audience, the songs are often performed facing the spectators and addressed to them, establishing a more direct rapport between actors and audience. The most successful numbers may elicit such a positive reaction from the spectators that they become ‘show stoppers,’ literally bringing the action to a momentary halt while the audience registers its approval and occasionally, prompts a repetition of the song.” James Watts

“Redemption is brought by God and God alone to persons who are unworthy to receive it except that they have placed their hope exclusively in the Redeemer! God delivers from evil, provides atonement for our sins and saves us from our seemingly irreversible corrupted state.” David Garland

“One word, mercy, characterizes the entire plan. Both the forerunner’s and Messiah’s tasks are concrete expressions of God’s mercy.” Darrell Bock