Sermon Quotes: Christ's Continuing Work

“Sandwiched between two of the most dramatic passages in Acts-Paul’s conversion and Peter’s vision on the rooftop-these verses often do not receive the attention they deserve.” Brian Vickers

“Both apostles (despite their different callings) had a key role to play in liberating the gospel from its Jewish clothing and opening the kingdom of God to the Gentiles. Luke therefore makes an abrupt transition in 9:32 from Paul to Peter. He leaves Paul in Tarsus for a while, temporarily out of sight, until he is ready to bring him to the center of the stage with the first missionary journey in 13:1.” John Stott

“Tanners were considered unclean by more scrupulous Jews because of their contact with the hides of dead animals, Peter was apparently not troubled by such concerns, but he would soon have difficulty taking the more radical step of visiting a Gentile household.” David Peterson

“The claim that Jesus is the one performing the healing reminds Luke’s audience that Jesus, though exalted, remains active in Acts. The apostles’ works are, in fact, Jesus works in and through them.” Craig Keener