Sermon Quotes: "A Happy Ending"

“After nearly 40 chapters of tempestuous poetry, the return to the simplicity of prose and the idyllic setting in which the book had opened rounds off this masterpiece, one may feel, to perfection.” Derek Kidner

“In some deep way it is necessary for it to be publicly seen by the whole universe that God is worthy of the worship of a man and that God’s worth is in no way dependent on God’s gifts.” Christopher Ash

“God will seldom answer your questions of ‘Why.” Far more important than any explanation for our suffering is nearness to God in our experience. ‘I had a million questions to ask God; but when I met him they all fled my mind and it didn’t seem to matter.” John Murray

“The passage brings Job to the end of his quest by convincing him that he may and must hand the whole matter over completely to God more trustingly, less fretfully. And do it without insisting that God should first answer all his questions. Job is being caught up in the purposes of God of which he knows nothing. There are uncertainties, puzzles and ambiguities in the life of faith which we have to leave with the mystery of God. The secret things belong to the Lord. We must allow God to have those secrets, and receive from him the gift of faith to hold onto him in our uncertainties. May God deepen our faith, even when we are in the dark.” David Atkinson

“Their problem wasn’t precisely what they said about God; rather, it was what they said about God in the context of Job’s sufferings, his innocent sufferings. The supreme irony is that the teachings of these three trained theologians are untrue, even though they are theoretically and theologically true. That is, the irony of their orthodoxy is that it doesn’t rightly apply to Job’s specific situation. They are dead right: sin always has consequences. But they are dead wrong that suffering is always traced back to sin. God was showing Job, his friends, and us that even a righteous man could indeed suffer.” Douglas O’ Donnell

“The specific linking of prayer and restoration shows that it is the relationship with God that is at the heart of all that happens. Prayer is thus not an incidental ingredient but the essential link between the mystery of God in creation and providence and the events of the story.” Robert Fyall

“These gifts at the end are gestures of grace, not rewards for virtue.” Francis Anderson