Sermon Quotes: "Truly God Is Good"

“The Psalmist does not ascend into the chair to dispute after the manner of the Philosophers, and to deliver his discourse in a style of studied oratory; but, as if he had escaped from hell, he proclaims with a loud voice, and with impassioned feeling, that he had obtained the victory.” -John Calvin

"There were crowns for the reprobates and crosses for the elect. Strange that the saints should sigh and the sinners sing. Rest was given to the disturbers, and yet peace was denied to the peace-makers. The downcast seer was in a muse and a maze. The affairs of mankind appeared to him to be in fearful tangle; how could it be permitted by a just ruler that things should be so turned upside down, and the whole course of justice dislocated." -C.H. Spurgeon

"The thought of scandalizing the family of God he could not bear, and yet his inward thoughts seethed and fermented and caused an intolerable anguish within. To speak might have relieved one sorrow, but, as it would have created another, he forebore so dangerous a remedy; yet this did not remove the first pangs, which grew even worse and worse, and threatened to utterly overwhelm him." -C.H. Spurgeon

“Asaph increased his depression by trying to understand all the intricacies of God’s ways; the same can be true for us. This only breeds a sense of suspicion of God, a darkness of spirit, and tempts us to take matters into our own hands. But that would be to mistrust providence, and to reject the wisdom and love of God.” -Sinclair Ferguson