Sermon Quotes: "A Theology of Suffering"

“The lack of opposition to the twenty-first century church should be a matter of concern.” Robert Mounce

“When we suffer as Christians there is a sense in which we share in the sufferings of Christ. We partake of his sufferings, not by contributing to his atonement, but by following in his steps (2:21). As we suffer for Christ, we are linked to him. Our sufferings witness to his. Because he suffered for us, we can rejoice when we are counted worthy to suffer for him.” Ed Clowney

“Their zeal for the gospel does not give them permission to insert themselves into the life and business of others.” Peter Davids

“While believers will certainly endure the hostility of an unbelieving world, there is no place for a martyrdom mentality. Suffer in silence but get on with the job of living an active life of good deeds. Christians should be known for what they do, not for what they suffer. Fixation upon the difficulties of life robs the believer of the opportunity to display his concern for the welfare of others.” Robert Mounce