Sermon Quotes: An Unexpected Companion

“The eyes of these two people have been deliberately kept from recognizing Jesus until after the interpretation of the Scripture…Jesus does not overwhelm these two disciples by some spectacular revelation of himself. Instead, he interprets the Scriptures for them. They need to hear the Word of God to clear up the confusion of their own words (24:17).” David Garland

“Jesus did this because he knew that he would not be able to walk down every road to give every believer the gospel in living person. But he also knew that by the Holy Spirit his word had the power to make every road a gospel road wherever Christ is preached.” Phil Ryken

“Many people wonder what Scriptures Christ taught on this day. They think, ‘What an advantage those people had in hearing Christ teach them what the OT Scriptures are all about! If only we could know what Jesus taught them.’ I suggest we do know what Jesus taught them. The early disciples did not forget what Jesus taught them. It is unpacked for us in the rest of the NT. When we read in Acts of the early sermons regarding Jesus death and resurrection, we are hearing Jesus interpretation of the Bible through the lips of Peter and Paul.” Thomas Schreiner

“He who had been condemned for us in his death was publicly vindicated in his resurrection. The resurrection is God’s decisive demonstration that he had not died in vain.” John Stott