Sermon Quotes: "An Unforgettable Feast"

“Why such an emphasis on commemoration? Because what is not carefully remembered by a community is very naturally and easily forgotten-and virtually completely forgotten as soon as the oldest members of that community who experienced the original event die.” Douglas Stuart

“Not even the huge novelty of actually, at long last, setting foot in the Promised Land could replace or diminish the significance of the Passover in the minds of the Israelites…” Alec Motyer

‘God wanted to do something more than get his people out of Egypt; he wanted to get Egypt out of his people.” Phil Ryken

“God seeks special attention from his people in ways that are not within the routine of their usual labors. Worship is intended to be a group enterprise conducted apart from routine.” Douglas Stuart

“In other words, every Israelite properly instructed about the Passover should have been also partly prepared to expect a dying Messiah whose shed blood would provide a means of escape from death.” Douglas Stuart

“The Lord’s Supper, which was instituted by Jesus, and which is the only regular commemorative act authorized by him, dramatizes neither his birth nor his life, neither his words nor his works, but only his death. Nothing could indicate more clearly the central significance which Jesus attached to his death. It was by his death that he wished above all to be remembered.” John Stott

“This side of the cross, one cannot avoid the conclusion that Jesus sees his own death, the shedding of his own blood, as the God-provided sacrifice which averts the wrath of God, that he himself is the Passover Lamb of God par excellence, and that his death establishes a covenant with the people of God by releasing them from a darker, deeper slavery…By simple rite, Jesus wants his followers to come back to his death, his shed blood, his broken body, again and again and again.” Don Carson

“One is taken aback by the emphasis upon the cross in Revelation. Heaven does not ‘get over’ the cross, as if there are better things to think about. Heaven is not only Christ-centered but cross-centered and quite blaring about it.” Jim Elliff