Sermon Quotes: "Why Preaching?"

“These words are Paul’s legacy to the church. It is impossible to read them without being profoundly stirred.” John Stott

“So when that Word is re-announced, there is a sense in which God, who revealed himself by that Word in the past, is re-revealing himself by that same Word once again.” Don Carson

“Preaching is of the very essence of the corporate phenomenon called Christianity as I understand it. By that I mean that Christianity, on earth as is in heaven, is fellowship with the Father and with His Son Jesus Christ, and the preaching of God’s Word in the power of God’s Spirit is the activity that brings the Father and the Son down from heaven to dwell with men. I know this because I’ve experienced it…Preaching mediates not only God’s authority, but also His presence and His power. Preaching effects an encounter not simply with truth, but with God Himself.” J.I. Packer

“Despise not, good brethren, despise not to hear God’s Word declared. As you tender your own souls, be diligent to come to sermons; for that is the ordinary place where men’s hearts be moved, and God’s secrets be revealed. For, be the preacher never so weak, yet is the Word of God as mighty as ever it was.” John Jewel

“The most wonderful things that are now done on earth are wrought in the public ordinances (in the elements of public worship, with preaching as the central element)…It is true indeed, the Lord has not confined himself to work these wonderful things only in public; yet the public ministry is the only ordinary means whereby He works them.” David Clarkson

“Whatever part of the counsel of God they deal with, expository sermons will relate it to ‘Christ and him crucified,’ for the Christ of Calvary is, so to speak, the hub around which the whole biblical revelation revolves. If the expositor finds himself out of sight of Calvary, that shows that he has lost his way.” J.I. Packer