Sermon Quotes: "When Everything Sad Becomes Untrue"

“Two acts of God’s creation frame the books of the Bible. Genesis opens by describing how God created the heavens and the earth, and Revelation concludes by anticipating the creation of a new heaven and a new earth. While the beginning and the end undoubtably resemble each other, an important difference exists between the first creation and the new creation. Whereas the opening chapters of Genesis focus on a garden with two human inhabitants, the concluding chapters of Revelation describe an enormous, populated city. Resplendent in glory, the new Jerusalem completes what God began when he created the earth. From beginning to end, Scripture is especially interested in constructing a holy city upon the earth, where God and humanity will reside in intimate harmony.” T.D. Alexander

“It is as if we are invited with Adam and Eve to cast a final longing glance backward, with regret for what has been lost.” Vern Poythress

“Humankind has forfeited access to the tree of life (Gen. 3:22-24). Indeed, ‘the flaming sword flashing back and forth to guard it’ vividly conveys the terrible consequence of our sin, that it exposes us to the fire of the holy wrath of God; his very presence becomes a threat. Yet, in the unimaginable wonder of his grace, he himself grasped that fiery sword of wrath, plunged it at the cross into his own heart, and extinguished it there. He did this for us, foolish, sinning rebels. Permanent access to the tree of everlasting life is thus afforded to those in the city.” Bruce Milne

“Those nations who reject God’s offer of repentance will be destroyed but those who repent will enter the Holy City and be healed-symbolizing the healing has already occurred-as a result of God’s redemptive work.” Grant Osborne

“John will not let us miss the supreme significance of the Lamb in the final state of things.” Leon Morris

“During our earthly lives, the bringing of all life under God’s rule always remains an elusive, distant objective, but in heaven the gulf between aspiration and actuality at last falls away. Now, at last, thankfully and wonderfully, our every breath will be worship, and our every motion will be service to God.” Bruce Milne

“The brief statement ‘they will see his face’ underscores the unimaginable wonder and joy awaiting all who are members of the bride through faith in the Lamb…Seeing his face is deadly danger to us now because we are defiled by sin, but then all our shame and guilt will be a thing of the past as we stand before him beautiful, in the robe of righteousness he has given us.” Dennis Johnson

“The age-long benediction of Numbers 6 reaches its fullest possible application in the new world…The face which the saints behold will shine upon them in eternal benediction.” Greg Beale

“No story could possibly get (or end) any better than that.” Gordon Fee