Sermon Quotes: "The Ten Commandments | So Much More Than Commands"

“Jesus insistence that the had come not to ‘abolish’ but to ‘fulfill’ the law and the prophets deserves to be ranked among the most important New Testament pronouncements on the significance of the law of Moses for the new Christian era...Integral to Matthew’s gospel is a scheme of salvation history that pictures the entire Old Testament as anticipating and pointing forward to Jesus.” Doug Moo
“So here Jesus says, in effect, that he has not come to abolish the Law, but to do something quite different: to bring to pass all that the Law had predicted... He thinks of himself neither as someone who destroys all that has come before and starts over, nor as someone who simply maintains antecedent tradition. Rather, all previous revelation points to him, and he brings its expectations to pass.” Don Carson
“What emerges from Jesus teaching is a shift in focus from the law to Jesus himself as the criterion for what it means to be obedient to God...Jesus tells his disciples to look to himself as the fulfiller of the law for guidance in the way they are to live. The
Mosaic law, it is suggested, no longer functions as the ultimate and immediate standard of conduct for God’s people. It must always be viewed through the lens of Jesus ministry and teaching.” Doug Moo
“The coming of Christ has caused a paradigm shift that calls for recalibrating all former commands in the light of His centrality. This approach recognizes that the law of Moses in its entirety has come to an end in the sense that the believer does not start by asking, ‘What did the law teach?’ The believer begins at the point where his Christian life began: Christ. The believer found new life in Christ and so now comes to Christ to find out how to live out his new life.” Jason Meyer