Sermon Quotes: "The Soundless Word and the Saving Word"

“When I feel I cannot make headway in devotion, I open the Psalms and push out in my canoe, and let myself be carried along in the stream of devotion which flows through the whole book. The current always sets toward God, and in most places is strong and deep.” James Gilmour

“The more diligently any one examines himself, the more readily will he acknowledge with David that if God should discover our secret faults, there would be found in us an abyss of sins so great as to have neither bottom nor shore, as we say; for no man can comprehend in how many ways he is guilty before God…even the saints, by strictly examining themselves, can scarcely come to the knowledge of the hundredth part of their sins, and, therefore, with one voice unite with David in saying, ‘Who can discern his errors?’” John Calvin

“Verse 12 recognizes that a fault may be hidden not because it is too small to see, but because it is too characteristic to register.” Derek Kidner

“As it is impossible for us to do what the law requires, all whose hearts are really and deeply imbued with the principle of the fear of God must necessarily be overwhelmed with despair, so long as they think themselves bound to enumerate all their sins, in order to their being pardoned; and those who imagine they can disburden themselves of their sins in this way must be persons altogether stupid.” John Calvin