Sermon Quotes: "The Grateful Leper"

“From cadaverous faces reemerged ears, noses, eyebrows, lashes, hairlines. Feet-toeless, ulcerated stubs-were suddenly whole, bursting shrunken sandals. Knobby appendages grew fingers. Barnacled skin became soft and supple. It was like ten new births. The dust of wild celebration quickly began in the bright sunlight.” Kent Hughes

“Whether our hearts pulse with praise largely depends on what we think God owes us and what we owe God…Ingratitude is a way of saying that God owes us whatever he gives us, and that we owe him nothing in return. Thus it is a complete reversal of our real position before God, namely, that he owes us nothing and we owe him everything.” Phil Ryken

“O Lord, I am astonished at the difference between my receivings and my deservings.” The Valley of Vision

“In addition to instructing us about human nature, the account of the ten lepers instructs us about God. Thanking him for the blessings we receive is very important. Jesus was very much aware that only one returned to give him thanks. And God is very much aware today when we fail to thank him for the ordinary as well as the unusual blessings that come to us daily from his hand.” Jerry Bridges