Sermon Quotes: "Supporting Those We Send"

“It is with cheerfulness that we dismiss our twelves, our twenties, our fifties, to form other churches. We encourage our members to leave us to found other churches. We even seek to persuade them to do it. We ask them to scatter throughout the land, to become goodly seed which God shall bless. I believe that so long as we do this, we shall prosper.” Charles Spurgeon

“No man can do me a truer kindness in this world than to pray for me.” Charles Spurgeon

“The gospel must not only run or compete in the public arena with other religions or worldviews; it must also win the competition and ‘be honored’, that is, be accepted, ‘not as the word of human beings but, as it truly is, the word of God’ (1 Thess. 2:13). Just as a winning athlete is openly honored in the bestowing of the victory wreath, so the gospel message is to be publicly praised in the words and obedient conduct of its adherents.” Jeffrey Weima

“Each missionary associated with your church must be able to depend on prayer from the congregation.” Gary Shogren