Sermon Quotes: "Rules, Rules, & More Rules"

“Truly, this was exciting. The Book of the Covenant showed the Israelites how the law applied to daily life. Regulations about livestock grazing in a field may seem mundane. However, this is where most of us live most of the time-at the level of ordinary existence. Thankfully, God is as interested in this part of our lives as he is in anything else that happens in his world. The Book of the Covenant is about living for God, not just when we are standing at the foot of the mountain and gazing at his awesome glory, but when our neighbor borrows a video and fails to give it back, when someone is spreading rumors, or when an argument turns into a fistfight. In other words, it is about real life.” Phil Ryken

“What concentrated attention must be given to the altar and what careful thought to the diary.” Alec Motyer

“What is clearly involved in not chattel slavery but what amounts to a kind of indentured servitude.” Robert Alter

“By contrast (to slavery as practiced in the ancient near east), the Exodus legislation protected slaves…The slave owner in Israel rooted his identity in the reality of liberation from slavery, and, therefore, could not correctly perceive a slave in an impersonal manner. They were to be treated with a certain measure of empathy…Exodus legislation speaks to the value of the person, of the image bearer of God. It contends clearly for the preciousness of human life.” D. Jeffrey Mooney

“Jesus was not abolishing the canonical authority of the Old Testament but correctly orienting it to terminate in his own authority. D.A. Carson explains ‘the OT’s real and abiding authority must be understood through the person and teaching of him to whom it points and who so richly fulfills it.’ Jesus understood himself to be the eschatological goal of the entire Old Testament and the sole authoritative interpreter of its teaching.” Stephen Wellum