Sermon Quotes: "Power to Strike and Save"

“With one single blow he gave them a water and food shortage, a transportation shutdown, a financial disaster, and a spiritual crisis.” Phil Ryken

“There was a suitableness in God’s choosing the frogs to humble Egypt’s kings, because frogs were worshipped by that nation as emblems of the Deity. Images of a certain frog-headed goddess were placed in the catacombs, and frogs themselves were preserved with sacred honors. These by thy gods, O Egypt! Though shalt have enough of them! Pharaoh himself shall pay a new reverence to these reptiles. As the true God is everywhere present around us, in our bed-chambers and in our streets, so shall Pharaoh find every place filled with what he chooses to call divine. Is it not a just way of dealing with him?” Charles Spurgeon

“When it pleases God by his judgments to humble men, he is never at a loss for means: he can use lions or lice, famine or flies. In the armory of God there are weapons of every kind." Charles Spurgeon

“This was all a testimony to the power of God who is able to use even the smallest creatures with tremendous destructive force.” Phil Ryken

“To appreciate fully this plague account, one must understand how ominously darkness threatened ancient people. We travel easily at night with the aid of various forms of electric lighting: they were virtually immobilized by the darkness of nighttime unless the night was cloudless and the moon relatively full…They understood that the darkness was essentially chaotic, a kind of enemy of the safe and good; we may think of it as just another phase of the day. They associated it with death, we don’t think much about it at all. Even so, were we in our day to have three days without light (v23), widespread panic would ensue. Everyone would realize that the natural order had been overturned and that a basic fact of life on the planet had been removed. Long before the three days were up, people would begin to understand the consequences: ‘If this keeps up, there will be no food because plants need sunlight to live; all animals will die because the food chain requires plants; we will die because everything we live on will be gone.’ A sense of doom would pervade all minds.” Douglas Stuart

“We need to understand the place of the sun in Egyptian civilization before we can begin to know anything about ancient Egypt.” Stephen Quirke

“Forget Pharaoh, and only think of yourself; let the Lord Jesus Christ himself, with the thorn-crowned head and the pierced hand, stand by your pew, and looking right down into your soul, say in his matchless tone of music,-the music of the heart of love,-‘How long wilt thou refuse to humble thyself before me?’” Charles Spurgeon