Sermon Quotes: "Postscript"

“Silas was an influential person in the early church…yet his highest commendation is that he was a faithful brother. Silas was such a man-content to take a subordinate place and faithful to carry out the responsibilities that fell to him. The church desperately needs men like Silas who will work quietly in the supportive roles of Christian ministry.” Robert Mounce

“The form which kissing takes varies considerably from culture to culture. It may involve the use of our hands, arms, mouths, cheeks or noses. Or the custom of our country may be to stand back and bow without any bodily contact. Yet the apostle’s instruction is clear that when Christians meet each other they should greet each other, and that their verbal greeting should be made stronger, warmer and more personal by a culturally appropriate sign.” John Stott

“The Bible is full of hello and goodbye because those transition moments say, ‘I am aware of you and you matter to me.’ David Powlison

“Peter could summarize his message, therefore, as a call to stand in grace. The delicate balance between the indicative and imperative is preserved here. Grace has grasped every believer in Jesus Christ, and believers have been begotten by God’s grace (1:3). Still, they must stand in the grace that has secured them. Grace does not cancel out the imperative but establishes it.” Thomas Schreiner