Sermon Quotes: "Persecutor Turned Preacher"

“As applied to our Lord, then, the title ‘Son of God’ marks Him out as the true representative of the Israel of God and as God’s anointed king, the promised Messiah; but it is no merely official title. As He Himself used it, it reflected His unique relationship and fellowship with the Father, and His function as the revealer of the Father…” F.F. Bruce

“The effect of this preaching on the hearers must have been electrifying as they remembered the reason why Paul had originally come to Damascus.” I. Howard Marshall

“In the last analysis, there is only one method of evangelism: namely, the faithful explanation and application of the gospel message. From which it follows…that the test for any proposed strategy, or technique, or style of evangelistic action must be this: will it in fact serve the word? Is it calculated to be a means of explaining the gospel truly and fully and applying it deeply and exactly?" J.I. Packer

“Our own experience may illustrate, but must not dominate, our testimony.” John Stott

“This was the greatest love that had ever been shown in all of history, because the greatest person made the greatest sacrifice for the greatest gift to the least deserving…We owe God all praise and thanks for his action in salvation. We are less capable of saving ourselves than a blind man is capable of driving. But God graciously rescued us.” John Piper

“Thank God for Ananias who introduced Saul to the fellowship in Damascus, and for Barnabas who did the same thing for him later in Jerusalem. But for them, and the welcome they secured for him, the whole course of church history might have been different. True conversion always issues in church membership. It is not only that converts must join the Christian community, but that the Christian community must welcome converts, especially those from a different religious, ethnic or social background. There is an urgent need for modern Ananiases and Barnabases who overcome their scruples and hesitations, and take the initiative to befriend newcomers.” John Stott

“I felt completely newborn, and it was as if I had gone through the open gates into paradise itself.” Martin Luther