Sermon Quotes: "Peace in a Pandemic"

“The coronavirus provides us with an opportunity to think about how we respond to anxiety. Specifically, how can we handle the particular strain of anxiety that comes when you are waiting for a threat that is gliding toward us, its fin visible above the surface. Thankfully, Scripture knows the fear of impending danger intimately and speaks to it repeatedly. So let’s seize this occasion to refresh our collective memory on how Scripture navigates this particular eddy within the larger current of anxiety. What is our comfort when a significant threat looms?” Alasdair Groves

“None of it addresses God; all of it brings good news about God to the human listener.” John Goldingay

“The consoling truth must be repeated; it is too rich to be dismissed in a single line.” Charles Spurgeon

“Nothing is more characteristic of the Psalms than their emphasis upon the intensely personal concern of the Lord for each of his people. It is a breathtaking assumption that the God who controls the whole universe is interested in and cares for me.” Robert Davidson

“The psalm ends with a pledge that could hardly be more stronger or more sweeping…and it would be hard to decide which half is more encouraging: the fact that it starts ‘from now’, or that it runs on, not to the end of time but without end; like God himself who is ‘my portion forever.’ Derek Kidner

“The last thirty years of my life have been spent shortening the time lag between the appearance of anxiety and the onset of prayer…Left to myself I spin out doomsday scenarios, hoping that my frenetic mind will stumble into some answers. But when I go to my heavenly Father and tell him my worries, when I remember his words to me (an ever-present help in trouble), and when I thank him for his care, the peace of Christ does begin to rule my heart and mind. It’s a miracle that still takes me by surprise.” Ed Welch

“Let fear point us to the knowledge of God, and let the Spirit of God, by way of Scripture, teach us the knowledge of God. When fear is the problem, our typical approach is to follow action steps. If we are on our spiritual game, we can pray with thanksgiving (Phil 4:6), we can cast our cares on him (1 Peter 5:7), or we can heed his command to not be afraid. These are good things, but they are responses to our growing knowledge of God. The knowledge of God comes first…If fear is a personal matter, we must set off to know a person.” Ed Welch

“But it is much to be feared that a constant run of prosperity, perpetual peace and freedom from disease, may breed in our minds just what it has done in all human minds before, namely, security and pride, heathenism and forgetfulness of God. It is a most solemn fact that human nature can scarcely bear a long continuance of peace and health. It is almost necessary that we should be salted with affliction every now and then, lest we putrefy with sin. May God grant that we have neither famine, nor sword; but since we have this pestilence in a very slight degree, it becomes us to ask the Lord to bless it to the people so that a tenderness of conscience may be apparent throughout the multitude, and they may recognize the hand of God. Already I have been told by Christian brethren laboring in the east of London, that there is a greater willingness to listen to gospel truth.” Charles Spurgeon

“We all have moments where we fear the unknown. The fact of the matter is our worries may come true, but God will never be untrue to us. We don’t know what the future holds, but we do know who holds the future. God will always lead us, always listen to us, and always love us in Christ. God moves in mysterious ways; we may not always understand why life is what it is. But we can face the future unafraid because we know that nothing moves, however mysterious, except by the hand of the great Unmoved Mover who moves all and is moved by none, and that this Mover is not an impersonal force but the God who is our Father in heaven.” Kevin DeYoung