Sermon Quotes: "Patience In Suffering"

“James doctrine of the Christian life is a doctrine of process or growth, and patience is its central requirement.” Alec Motyer

“The farmer who prepares a field, sows seed, and then waits for a crop is a very natural illustration of patience. He can do little to effect the outcome but must wait and pray for the right rain at the right time. In Palestine, the farmer was particularly dependent on the rain that came in late autumn and early spring.” Doug Moo

“To be blessed is not, of course, the same as being happy. Happiness normally suggests a subject, emotional reaction; blessing is the objective, unalterable approval and reward of God.” Doug Moo

“Afflictions ought ever to be estimated by their end.” John Calvin

“Men often fail to understand the true character of God as He permits them to endure oppression and injustice. James gently reminds his readers that, if they will also remain loyal to God amid their trials, they also will come to the personal realization of the kindly nature of God.” Edmund Hiebert