Sermon Quotes: "One Story"

“A more exotic person could hardly be imagined! Not only from one of the most remote regions of the world, he was also an important official there and a eunuch as well.” Conrad Gempf

“How difficult it was to understand the prophecy before it was fulfilled; how easy, once the fulfillment is known.” F.F. Bruce

“It was clearly a part of God’s plan for the gospel to reach this Black African in the most initial stages of the Christian evangelistic expansion. A Greek-speaking Semitic Jew led the Black African to Christ in one of the first evangelistic encounters recorded in Christian history, thus setting the stage for the explosion of the gospel into the world that took place over the next thirty years, and giving a foretaste of the mixed composition of the new people of God that will fill the kingdom of Christ.” Daniel Hays

“Many words can be spoken in human discourse without the slightest risk or need for courage. But speaking this particular word-a Christ centered word-always requires courage.” Walter Hansen

“Effective evangelism becomes possible only when the church recovers both the biblical gospel and a joyful confidence in its truth, relevance and power.” John Stott

“This whole account is a beautiful demonstration of the sovereignty of God in human redemption…the remarkable ordering of circumstances. In this sense Philip was only the final link in a chain of circumstance which brought this searching African to the end of his search for salvation and to experience its joy. One sometimes muses that when heaven is entered, every one who arrives there will be found at some point encircled by a significant group of praising people, comprising all those who contributed in any way to that individual’s salvation-all those who prayed for them; all those who cared for them; all those who reflected Christ to them; all those who helped them to believe; all those who taught them some aspect of the gospel, all those who witnessed to them; all those who preached the good news to them; all those whose sacrifices and service made possible the ministries which at particular moments influenced them towards Christ; from their earliest days till their final moment of commitment…Every conversion, as we commonly affirm, is a miracle of grace; but it is also a miracle of divine orchestration
and human complementariness and community. It is a huge encouragement to all of us, no matter how untutored or, as we may feel, ungifted, to, like Philip, make ourselves available day by day to God the Holy Spirit, so that we may, in ways very often entirely unknown to ourselves, become a link in a chain of redemption. Heaven will be, among many other things, a place of wonderful surprises.” Bruce Milne