Sermon Quotes: "Now That the Election Is Over"

“To catch the argument one has almost to pretend that Yahweh is firing questions at the prophet’s hearers. ‘Was liberation boring? Does release from years of servitude make you yawn? Is the Exodus wearisome? Yahweh makes a point of taking them through this review of grace so that they ‘may know the righteous acts of the Lord.’” Dale Ralph Davis

“Outwardly the worshipper appears very religious as he bows before God with gift in hand, but in truth his insulting questions betray a desperately wicked heart. Blinded to God’s gracious character and acts, he reasons within his own depraved frame of reference: he need not change. God must change. In effect, by his refusal to repent of his unbelief and injustice, he suggests that God, like man, can be bought.” Bruce Waltke

“To act justly is most important, for it does not mean merely to talk about justice or to get other people to act justly. It means to do the just thing yourself.” James Boice

“I pray the Lord give you a gentle and loving spirit towards all men, and a practical conviction that grace alone has made you to differ. It is easy to acknowledge this in words, but it is a great thing to act suitably to such an acknowledgement.” John Newton