Sermon Quotes: "Meet the Readers"

“In Greco-Roman eyes this person (a Gentile who had become a follower of Jesus) was rejecting the gods of the community and undermining the welfare of the city, and he had become antisocial (‘a hater of humanity’) and atheistic. The person was sometimes tolerated but also was often treated according to the local perception of their having become antisocial and thus a threat to the welfare of the community.” Peter Davids

“It is into this setting that one must place 1 Peter…It is clear that 1 Peter is written to a group of believers who were suffering, for the letter uses the terms for ‘suffer’ or ‘suffering’ more frequently in relation to its length than any other work in the New Testament.” Peter Davids

“In relation to their homeland they are the Dispersion; in relation to their place of residence, they are aliens. They carry another passport; they are on pilgrimage to the city of God.” Edmund Clowney

“Feel the drama in that description. Peter is writing primarily to Gentiles, to those who had no part in the people of God, but who followed the “empty way of life handed down to you from your forefathers’ (1:18). They have lived to the full the Gentile life of ‘debauchery, lust, drunkenness, orgies, carousing and detestable idolatry’ (4:3). Nothing is more astonishing than that he could call these Gentiles chosen of God the Father. What mighty assurance Peter gives to these Gentiles! As Christians they are the people of God, not just as Israel was, but in the ultimate spiritual sense. They share the wonder of God’s amazing grace in Christ. God’s choosing is the reason these polluted Gentiles can be called his people.” Edmund Clowney