Sermon Quotes: "Mary's Song"

“Sometimes bad theology breeds reactionary bad theology. Because Roman Catholicism has gradually added more titles and myths to Mary, Protestants have sometimes reacted by remaining silent about her astonishing character.” D.A. Carson

“In contrast to the prose dialogue, which is spoken between characters and passively observed by the audience, the songs are often performed facing the spectators and addressed to them, establishing a more direct rapport between actors and audience. The most successful numbers may elicit such a positive reaction from the spectators that they become ‘show stoppers,’ literally bringing the action to a momentary halt while the audience registers its approval, and occasionally, prompts a repetition of the song.” James Watts


“The pregnant Mary anticipates Christ’s birth with some fiery political theology-potentates tossed from thrones, the haughty humbled, the rich made bankrupt, the lowly exalted, and the hungry fed. These words from Jesus mother should keep this baby from simply being gazed upon and adored. They create disturbing ripples that rock the placid waters of the comfortable who think all is right with the world, with God safely tucked away in heaven and oblivious to injustice on earth.” David Garland

“She sang it not for herself alone but for us all, to sing it after her.” Martin Luther

“Christmas means that we are so lost, so unable to save ourselves, that nothing less than the death of the Son of God himself could save us. We don’t just celebrate Christmas. Christmas is something that happens to us and transforms us.” Tim Keller