Sermon Quotes: "Laughter"

“The Bible is predominantly a serious rather than a funny book. Yet it would distort the Bible to suppress the humor that is present…Either to underemphasize its humor or overemphasize it distorts the Bible. Although the Bible is predominantly serious book, one of its points of humanity is its humor. The humor of the Bible is not the rollicking type but the subtle and intellectual type for which the term wit is often an accurate designation.” The Dictionary of Biblical Imagery

“Jesus is the most shatteringly serious preacher ever, and was never a comic or a clown. Yet he, God incarnate and perfect man, displayed a strong sense of the ridiculous, which he used to to make his teaching stick. Take, for instance, the camel-the spitting, pitching, rocking, rolling ship of the desert, classically described as a horse designed by a committee. Jesus invites us to imagine a camel trying to thread itself by pushing its way through the eye of a needle. Imagine it, and then realize that it is harder for a rich man wedded to his wealth to enter the kingdom of God than for that jerking, shoving camel to make headway. We cannot help grinning-nor can we help remembering.” J.I. Packer

“To say there is no humor in the Bible is like saying there are no seasons in California; you just need to pay attention. Although the Bible is a mostly serious book, and the humor is usually a subtext, if you read it with your imagination working, it should make you laugh quite a bit.” Erik Thoennes

“The moment of mental relaxation and refreshment that each quality giggle brings is a precious gift fro God: be grateful!” J.I. Packer

“I do believe, in my heart, that there may be as much holiness in a laugh as in a cry; and that, sometimes, to laugh is the better of the two.” Charles Spurgeon

“Should we not see that lines of laughter about the eyes are just as much a mark of faith as are the lines of care and seriousness? A church is in a bad way when it banishes laughter from the sanctuary and leaves it to the cabaret, the nightclub, and the toastmasters.” Helmut Thielecke

“Laugher is a divine gift to the human who is humble. A proud man cannot laugh because he must watch his dignity; he cannot give himself over to the rocking and rolling of his belly. But a poor and happy man laughs heartily because he gives no serious attention to his ego…Only the truly humble belong to this kingdom of divine laughter…Humor and humility should keep good company. Self deprecating humor can be a healthy reminder that we are not the center of the universe, that humility is our proper posture before our fellow humans as well as before almighty God…’I suppose’ wrote Lewis, we should mind humiliation less if we were but humbler.’ Humility is the small door to the divine playground of fun.” Terry Lindvall

“A proud man sets a high value upon himself and is angry with others, because they will not come up to his price.” Thomas Watson

“I love to see those I love happy. I love it even more if I am a contributor.” Joe Rigney

“Gospel grounded hope is the foundation of laughter. This laughter springs from belief in God’s ability to bring radical reversals of fortune within this badly fallen world.” Erik Thoennes

“If the earth is fit for laughter then surely heaven is filled with it. Heaven is the birthplace of laughter. If I am not allowed to laugh in heaven, I don’t want to go there.” Martin Luther