Sermon Quotes: "Hope Deferred"

“Place of rest speaks of the security and tranquility that a woman in Israel longed for and expected to find in the home of a loving husband.” Daniel Block

“The idiom she used may be puzzling to the modern reader, but there was no question about its meaning in the Israelite context in which it was given.” Daniel Block

“While the narrator lets our ears hear Naomi complain in verse 21, what does he direct our eyes to see in verse 22? Ruth and the beginning of the barley harvest.” Mark Dever

“Sisters, all the advice from Vogue, Glamour, and Cosmopolitan that talks about going after and getting your man, all the blather about how in this day and age it is just as acceptable for you to initiate as for him, is just that, blather. Be confident that if he is the man you hope and wish him to be, he will play the man.” John Ensor

“It is for men to strike out into the forest and look. It is for women to crack the twigs and stir the leaves so we know where to find them…You crackle the leaves a bit when he is in the area and let him know you are there. Then wait for him to initiate, or not. In the long run, you will be well served either way.” John Ensor