Sermon Quotes: "Hope Appears"

“It’s purpose [is] to undermine purely rational explanations for human experiences and to refine the readers understanding of providence. In reality he is screaming, ‘See the hand of God at work here!’ The same hand that had sent the famine (1:1) and later provided food (1:6) is the hand that had brought Naomi and Ruth to Bethlehem precisely at the beginning of the harvest (1:22) and has now guided Ruth to that portion of the field belonging specifically to Boaz.” Daniel Block

“Contemporary readers will be struck by how modern this comment sounds. Boaz is hereby instituting the first anti-sexual-harassment policy in the workplace recorded in the Bible.” Daniel Block

“The text offers no hint of any romantic attraction between Boaz and Ruth. Given the racial and social barriers that separated them, the thought would not have crossed Ruth’s mind and she could not have known he was a kinsman redeemer of her deceased husband. As for Boaz he was simply a godly man sent by God to show favor to this woman.” Daniel Block

“The author of Ruth was also aware of God’s hand upon the personal circumstances of families and individuals, encouraging them to look back over events and to trace the mysterious outworking of God’s overflowing goodness in their lives.” The New Bible Commentary

“He who observes providence will never be long without a providence to observe.” John Flavel

“Do you not realize how blessed you are?” John Flavel

“I have few greater pleasures than tracing the wonder of God’s ways.” John Flavel